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Welcome to Hilltop Whitetail Deer Farm
Welcome to Laughlin's Hilltop Whitetails website. We hope you enjoy your time here.

We have always felt the whitetail deer is the most magnificent animal. So, when the chance arose, we began deer farming in 2000. Our farm is located in the hills outside of Magnolia, Ohio. Our farm is a mixture of hills, trees and pastures. We have tried to maintain the most natural habitat for our animals.

LeeJay and Marvin

Having come from the city and knowing very little about farming, we purchased two inexpensive animals, just to make sure we could properly care for them. We very quickly realized that we loved deer farming and began to learn as much about animals and genetics as possible. We received some excellent advice from two people...concentrate on your does. We began buying does and doe fawns from excellent genetics. When you visit our farm, the first things you will hear about and see are our does and doe fawns.

Our herd is comprised of young animals and now averages from 50 to 60 animals. We bottle feed our doe fawns and our herd is very tame. As you will see in the genetic section of our website, we have excellent bloodlines. We have carefully studied our genetics and made several combinations that we are very excited about.

We take great pride in the health and care of our animals.

We invite you to enjoy looking at our pictures and genetics and then give us a call!

Steve and Carolyn Laughlin

Some of our does

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